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After a sequence of transformations in Hong Kong’s immigration industry, immidaily decided to establish this Migration Community. The Migration Community is to help those who are interested in immigration to save time and optimize their resources. On top of that, this community enables you to gain relevant knowledge from various qualified immigration experts and partners – serving as an excellent platform for learning, comparing, and analyzing your immigration needs.

To ensure that this community’s objectives are to benefit clients, we only work with professional companies with local licensed lawyers and certified consultants. We want to make sure they are not just another immigration agency that sells but also trustworthy professionals who can provide you with quality services.

Immigration: Moving Your Heart Across Borders

Based on Facts and Laws

All immigration lawyers or professional consultants we partner with hold relevant licenses and profound experience. The main task of our team is to verify the quality of partners and the authenticity of information sources.

Eliminate Immigration Frauds and Bad Intermediaries

No more fruitless search for migration intermediaries or viewing numerous unvalidated information of unknown origin. immiDaily provides one-stop free information and guides directly from international law firms and immigration bureaus of local governments.

Education and Promotion of Immigration Knowledge

The creation of our immigration knowledge base is the joint efforts from immiDaily, our immigration lawyers, and our immigration community members. The purpose of this knowledge base is to answer questions that the public has about immigration: immigration laws, right of abode, naturalization policy, taxation, work, education, business, real estate, life and culture, and many others.

“Before migrating, it is important to visit immiDaily for relevant information and seek advice from them. This is to make sure that you get the most accurate information that suits your needs.”

immiDaily is a media platform and a helpful community for immigrants. We are not an immigration agency. All immigration support and application services come from local lawyers, accountants, social welfare agencies, and government agencies that we collaborate with.

immiDaily can provide you with advice, information and refer you to relevant local lawyers or government departments. However, do keep in mind that we don’t handle any immigration applications or charge you. Even if we are the referrer, it does not constitute any form of a customer relationship. You can always contact us to arrange a consultation with a local lawyer.


Build a global migration community to address diverse immigration needs, consolidate professional services and establish industry standards.

Who can be listed on GMC directory?

  • Governments
    Immigration policy and benefits for global talents and investors.
  • Law Firms
    Immigration, Visa, Taxation, Commercial and Legal services.
  • CPA Firms
    Accounting, Taxation and Business services.


We are now inviting Law Firms, consultant firms with licenses, CPA Firms and Government organizations to be listed on our service directory on GMC for FREE.

We are also inviting other immigration related service provider to be our partners like University, education learning centre, real estate related, immigration logistics, wealth management, etc…

We would like to sponsor and collaborate with all Charities or NGOs who provide services to new immigrants in different countries.

However, we are NOT ACCEPTING any immigration agent without license to join.

Who collaborate with immiDaily?