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Our media is the Top immigration information platform & ultimate guideline in Asia

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to replace Advertising with Education



When our partners sponsor us to do different promotions and education works to attract more people to immigrate, study abroad, start a business or invest. We are not only providing marketing services to partners, but also we set up the Nonprofit services with the local Charities and NGOs to help more new immigrants to live easier in the new country.


We are not selling, we are telling stories. We work with different communities (startup communities, professional communities, business communities, etc.) globally. We are not going to sell anything on immiDaily, but educating people to find the best solutions for their immigration, education or investment plan by the knowledge and package provided by our partners.

Understand the local culture

Organic Content & Trustworthy

As a media platform, immiDaily has a professional content team to build multi-language content for the audience from different region. We have local editor and copywriter in different cities to build the most attractive content for their local audience. There is no sales pitch on immiDaily. We provide news, knowledge, fun facts, opinions, reviews and useful information to the people who interested in immigration, start a business overseas and study abroad.

Our promise to audience :

  1. Based on Facts and Laws
  2. Eliminate Immigration Frauds and Bad Intermediaries
  3. Education and Promotion of Immigration Knowledge

By the search engine ranking and user sharing, we save cost from SEM & online ads. It means we can more focus on building better content on a trustworthy platform. This is one of the reason why we have over 3000 families in Hong Kong to Ask a question on immiDaily in only 6 months.

Our audience are HNWIs & referral successful rate is high !

Fast Growing in Asia

immiDaily is a media platform and community started in February 2021 in Hong Kong. With our local culture and language strategy, we have over 20,000+ followers, reaching 300,000+ audience per month on all local social media in only 6 months. Over 20,000+ avg views of single article, 20,000+ unique users and making over 300 enquiries & services referral requests per month on our website. And most of our audience are decided or planned to immigrate.

Our biggest website traffic source is Organic Search. Most of the immigration related keywords, our site ranking of google search is on the first page and some are the Top 1-5.

Understand the behaviour of Real Clients 

Real Clients Always like to ask

Over 3000 enquiries have been made on immiDaily in only 6 months. Prospects always feel comfortable to have real-time customer service and believe in a trust-worthy media. 100% of our audience think they can make decisions easier of immigration, study abroad, start a business overseas or buy a house overseas by reading our articles or talking to us.

We always recommend DIY or find a good service provider. 86% of our audience feel happy and trustable of our referral firms.

What Professionals Say About Us


“ImmiDaily has provided us with a unique opportunity to connect with prospective clients looking to start a new life and business overseas. We are excited to be a part of immiDaily.”
Harvey Law Group
"Anyone who plans to immigrate should conduct their due diligence. I highly recommend immiDaily because immiDaily is the only platform providing accurate, professional and unbiased sources of information."
Tony Wong
American Lending Center
"Amidst the ever increasing immigration options now available, immiDaily has managed to aptly clarify key information components for its readers. Created and tailored for Hong Kongers, immiDaily offers the local community a centralized information hub for all significant immigration matters that can aid in making the important decision of moving abroad. We are happy to be a key component in this endeavor with our partnership with immiDaily."
Alexandre Lescouflair, LL.B., M.Sc., MBA
Simard & Associates Limited

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We have exclusive partnership program to make sure you can get all clients from immiDaily platform without any competitors. Contact us to understand more. You can check the Exclusive Programs & Partners at below. 

Startup Visa (SUV) – Harvey Law Group

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Family Sponsorship – Simard & Associates

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